Professor William Thornton Whitsett papers - additional notes by Dr. Whitsett given to Pearl (Whitsett) Miller by his daughter Mrs. Carrie Hayes.  Includes some information on the Bason and Faust families.

Dr. William Thornton Whitsett - Whitsett Family History

Part 2


The following is copied from notes Mailed to Mrs. Pearl Whitsett Miller in November, 1979 by Dr. William Thornton Whitsett's daughter, Mrs. Carrie Hayes.  Pearl visited with Mrs. Hayes at her home in Whitsett, North Carolina in 1983 or 1984.  Mrs. Hayes did not know of the existence of any source material for these notes. These notes were said to be photo copies of carbons of Dr. Whitsett's original type written papers. This is probably true for the most part, but someone has added dates for events that occurred after Dr. Whitsett's death in 1936. Some of these dates are type written. This is most evident beginning on page 3.  Since these names and dates were not "squeezed in" those pages must have been retyped or added to the original set of notes.  This was probably the work of Mrs. Hayes. There are several hand written notations on the copies that were written by Mrs. Hayes for Pearl's benefit. In most cases, I have not included those.  The format of the family tree in these notes has been changed slightly to accommodate HTML coding.

The notes are different from those in the Whitsett papers at the University of North Carolina even though they cover much the same ground.  They provide insight into the research Dr. Whitsett conducted on the Whitsett family.

Special notice should be taken of Dr. Whitsett's statement, "...further research needs to be made in regard to authentic proof of relationship (re: Henry Whitsett 1730/1800)."  I believe that Dr. Whitsett realized that there may be a problem with his assertion That Henry Whitsett was the ancestor of his Whitsett family.  It is striking that he does not mention Henry Whitsitt as a brother of William when he writes about the family group that came to Pennsylvania from Ireland.

Dr. Whitsett's Notes

Page 1

The region of the Annan River in the southern county of Dumfries, Scotland, is the original home of the Whitsett family.  Scotland of that earlier day had what is known as the clan system.  One was chosen as chieftain because of his wisdom, experience, and popularity, and the followers of his clan bore his name.  The Whitsett's were a division, or sept, or tribe, of one of the Annadale clans known as the Bell clan which is mentioned as far back as 1547.

In order to understand why many of the Whitsett's left Scotland went into Ireland, it is necessary to glance at certain events.  James I, son of Mary Queen of Scots, became the first Stuart king of England.  He was a contradictory character.  Certain of the earls of Ireland conspired against the English government and were driven from the kingdom; their vast estates reverted to the crown.  These lands were divided into small farms, and the people of Scotland were urged to come over and occupy them.  Thousands of Scots went over, feeling sure that James I would be kind and sympathetic toward Ireland.  The "flight of the earls" placed the whole of northern Ulster for government disposition.  The Whitsett's poured into the counties of Antrim and Armagh, Ireland, because of this.  Here in these two counties in the extreme northwestern part of Ireland, near the city of Belfast, they prospered and lived as loyal subjects of the government.  However, they received in return only distrust and suspicion which finally led to their determination to abandon their new Irish home.  The injustice and oppression that they were forced to endure together with the glowing reports of the New World brought thousands of the Scotch-Irish to Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Among these were the earliest Whitsett immigrants to this country.

There is much valuable source material of early families of Antrim and Armagh counties, Ireland, to be found in records in charge of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland at Belfast.

There are variations in the spelling of Whitsett, Whitsitt, Whiteside, Whitesides, Whitsed, Whitesett, Whitesitt, Whitesid, Whitset, Whitsit --- the first three being the ones most commonly found.  In Albemarle County, Va., and what was once Augusta Co., but is now Rockbridge Co., Va., the early spelling was often Whiteside; but it is clearly established that the Whitsitt's of both Tennessee and Texas trace directly back to these early Whitesides.  Numerous instances of how the name was changed might be given; for instance, in the Albemarle Co. records William Whiteside in named.  He had a son, William Whiteside who is mentioned as a member of the Albemarle militia.  When this son moved to Amherst, he signed himself William Whitsitt.  He bought a farm of 200 acres from John Wade in 1763 and this deed was made to him as William Whitsitt.  In June 1770 he sold this same farm to William Martin and in making the deed signed his name as William Whiteside.  In his work, The Scotch-Irish, Hanna mentions families of the Whiteside name in northern Ireland who are definitely known to be the same families that later spelled the family name Whitsett or Whitsitt in the United States.

As far as is known, the first Whitsett's to come to this country were in a family group of five: three brothers, William, Joseph, and John Whitsett and William's wife, Elizabeth Dawson Whitsett and nine year old son William.  They came from Antrim County, Ireland to Pennsylvania in 1740.  These brothers became early settlers in the lower valley of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, then known as Harris' Ferry.  One of them later lived at Hannastown which was burned by the Indians in 1781; still another settled at Pittsburgh.

After 1740 there were other immigrants of the Whitsett name who came from Antrim and Armagh Counties, Ireland, to become founders of families in America.

So much for a background on the Whitsett-Whitsitt family in general.  Family groups will now be recorded. However, further research needs to be made in regard to authentic proof of relationship (re: Henry Whitsett 1730/1800), dates (re: Henry down through John and Ruth L. or Lissie or Louisa Low or Loe Whitsett) and names (re: last mentioned as wife of John Whitsett, father of Austin Whitsett).  There are discrepancies in the various papers from which this information is drawn.

Page 2

1. Samuel Whitsett, 1664/1754; born, lived, died in Antrim Co., Ireland

A. William Whitsett, 1689/1769, son of above; born, lived, died in Antrim Co., Ireland

The sons of above came to Pennsylvania as a family group of five: John, Joseph, William, William's wife and nine-year old son William (their other children born in this country) [handwritten note added: This does not include Henry 1730/1800, see below]

1. John Whitsett, 1711/1796

2. Joseph Whitsett, 1714/1807

3. William Whitsett, 1709-1798, m. Elizabeth Dawson in Ireland

a. William Whitsett, b. Antrim Co., Ireland 8-20-1731; d. Nashville, Tenn., 7-14-1811; m. Ellen Menees of Amherst Co., Va.; moved to Henry Co., Va. in 1781; moved to Nashville, Tenn., 10-1790l served in French and Indian War and Revolutionary War under Washington.

(1) William Whitsett, d. 3-21-1842, Canton, Miss.; served in War of 1812 under William Henry Harrison and later helped in getting him elected.

(a) Dr. William C. Whitsett, in legislature from Barren Co., Ky., and later from Annin Co., Texas.

(2) Margaret Whitsett, b. 1767 Amherst Co., Va.; m. 1787 George Blakey

b. Henry Whitsett, 1730/1800, came to North Carolina from Penns. or Va. in 1770, m. Jane Mebane ____/1802

(1) Samuel Whitsett, 1752/1832 (1742/1832) m. Mary Stockard, 1760/1830 (1766/1830)

(a) Moses Whitsett

(b) James Whitsett, ca. 1781, m. 1801 Sarah Jackson, Aug. 22 (Referenced)

(c) William Whitsett, ca.1785, m. 1805 Jane Harden (a Pres. minister in Tenn.)

(d) John Whitsett, 1782/1845 (b. Orange Co. 1765; d. Missouri) m. Ruth L. Low, 1790/1846 (Lizzie, Louisa and Loe are variations) (In Orange Co. Marriage Records, Vol. 2, pp. 435-36: John Whitsett to Keziah Lowe 9-13-1797)

NOTE:  Variations are given in parentheses---it is this section of the family line that more research is needed.  The records will now continue with the descendants of John and Ruth (Lizzie, Louisa) 'Low Whitsett:

I.  Alfred Whitsett (moved to Mo.)

II.  James Whitsett ("  "  " )

III. Austin Whitsett, b. Orange Co., 1808, Feb. 5/ d. Graham, 11-28-1890; bur. Providence Cem.; m. March 1833 Margaret Barbara Bason, 10-9-1817/11-30-1902  (see Bason family)

A. Barbara J. Whitsett 12-8-1833/11-7-1874, bur. Providence Cemetery, Graham, N. C.

B. Joseph Bason Whitsett 10-27-1835/9-3-1917 (Friedens Cem., Gibsonville, N. C.); m. 10-15-1863 Mary Louisa Foust, dau. of Daniel and Mary Clapp Foust [handwritten by this notation is the word "Wrong"]

1. William T. Whitsett, m. Carrie Brewer

a. Carrie Whitsett m. Hadley Hayes

b. Lucille Whitsett m. Arnold Holt

c. William T. Whitsett m. Ruth Wood

[According to the 1930 census of Guilford County, N. C. there was another son not listed above by Dr. Whitsett, Gordon Whitsett, b. ca.1920; perhaps he died as a child; there are dates in the type written notes later than 1920 so it is strange that this child is not listed by Dr. Whitsett - RNW]

2.  Lizzie Whitsett, m. Francis Marion Smith

3.  Effie Whitsett, m. James Henry Joyner [On the 1930 census of Guilford Co., mother-in-law Mary L. Whitsett is in the household of James and Effie Joyner-RNW]

C. John William Whitsett 11-29-1836/8-21-1909; m. 9-26-1871 Lettie Kivett Foust 3-11-1835/2-3-1927 (Green Hill Cem., Greensboro).

1. Minnie Whitsett, m. Thomas D. Tinnin

Page 3

D. Maria Catharine Whitsett 10-12-1838/9-6-1910, m. 8-14-1860 Joseph John Wood 8-17-1829/6-2-1879 (Providence Cem.)

1-6  In 1877 six children died of diphtheria from Sept. 30 to Oct. 9.

7. John Austin Wood 10-15-1877/7-  -1950, m. 1st Nina Adell Hold, 2nd 12-31-1913 Allie Patterson

a. Catherine Wood 10-9-1914/

b. Evelyn Wood 4-12-1916/

c. Joseph Austin Wood 7-1-1920/10-24-1960

(A) Joseph Austin Wood

E. Henry James Whitsett 9-18-1840/6-7-1918, m. 8-15-1874 Mary S. Reed  _________/2-8-1918 (Rose Hill Cem., Brookfield, Mo.)

1. Alice Whitsett

F.  Margaret Kivette Whitsett 9-13-1842/7-2-1913 (Providence Cem.), m. Joseph Caldwell Holt, no issue

G. Jeremiah Lewis Whitsitt 5-5-1844/4-8-1902, m. Mary Ellen Lamb 6-23-1844/5-14-1916 (Linwood Cem., Columbus, Ga.)

1. Barbara Nell Whitsitt 3-19-1882/________, m. Frank Huff Doughtie, Sr. (12-30-1875) 1873/1955

a. Frank Huff Doughtie Jr. 1-23-1907/_____, m. 3-1-1933 Jessie Lee Terrell 5-30-1910/

(A) Edward Orth Doughtie 11-21-1935/ m. 8-3-1957 Margaret Andrea Chalverus 10-13-1938/

(B) Frances Terrell Doughtie 5-15-1945

b. Jerry Whitsitt Doughtie 8-5-1909/ m. Clay Culpepper 1-23-1907/

(A) Nathaniel Culpepper Doughtie 8-18-1937/ m. 1964 Courtney Walker West

H. Mary Elizabeth Whitsett 2-27-1847/7-19-1913, m. 3-6-1878 Rev. Jeremiah W. Holt 12-7-1848/8-3-1923 (Providence Cem.); no issue

I. Austin Madison Whitsett 2-16-1850/12-18-1899, m. Jennie Lanehardt ____/1910; no issue (Jerusalem Cem. near Gardenville, Baltimore, Md.)

J. Alfred Thomas Whitsett 7-27-1852/ ----, m. Eulalia Donnell

1. James A. Whitsett

2. Mary D. Whitsett

3. Onnie Minor Whitsett, m. Bertie Brewer

a. Donald Whitsett

b. Jack Whitsett

c. Burton

d. Alfred

4. Margaret J. Whitsett, m. Carl Durham

a. Celia Durham

K. George Walters Whitsett 3-16-1856/2-8-1930, m 2-23-1888 Maud Beebe Brent, no issue [handwritten note- "dentist, Greensboro"]

Page 4

IV. Low Whitsett (moved to Mo.)

V.  Emsley Whitsett (moved to Mo.)

VI. Nancy Whitsett m. 5-5-1818 Rev. Joseph Albright

VII. Euthia Whitsett m. before 1836 and d. before 1844, m. Hugh Shaw 1805/4-6-1866 who m. 2nd Ann Shaw Wood, widow of James Wood

A. James Madison Shaw 7-10-1836/6-20-1900 m. 1st 12-30-1858 Martha H. Clapp

1. Ida E. Shaw m. J. R. Haithcock   6 children

2. Emily J. Shaw m. Harry Poezolt  no issue

3. Thomas H. Shaw m. Georgia Colston

a. Henry Eugene Shaw m. Alma Dennis

b. Robert Flake Shaw m. 1. Lillie Mae Morgan     6 children

4. Lon A. Shaw m. Louella Rumley    4 children

5. George K. Shaw m. Annie Allred    9 children

6. James C. Shaw m. Donna Low     6 children; m. 2nd 2-22-1883 Mary Elizabeth Donnell 1840/1897-8

7.  Perry Donnell Shaw m. Madia Morrison   no issue

8.  Glenn Anna Shaw 10/20/1866-4/24/1926 m. Sterling Seymour Holt 1884/1960 on 2-27-1904

a. Nina Josephine Holt 1906-1951 m. John Harden

(A) Glenn Abbott Harden m. 1952 Fred Francis Springer-Miller

(1) Frank Springer-Miller 1953

(2) John Holt Springer-Miller 1955

(3) Joseph Donnell Springer-Miller 1964

(B) John Harden, Jr. m. 1. _______ 2. Betty Young in 19__

b. Donnell Shaw Holt 1908 m. 1932 Sarah Margaret McConnell (no issue)

c. Sidney Seymour Holt 1917/ m. 1941 Miriam Ashe Gault 1916/

(A) Michael LaMotte Holt 1943/  m. 1966 Catherine McConnell

(B) Donnell Ashe Holt 1947

9. Roy Shaw 1891  m. Mamie Jobe

a. Raymond Shaw 1913/  unm.

b. Clifton Shaw 1916/   m. Margaret Bennett

(A) Patricia Ann Shaw 1946/

(B) David Clifton Shaw 1955/

B.  Polly Ann Shaw m. 1851 John Stafford

C. Elizabeth Shaw m. Col. Caleb Augustus Boon

D. Nancy M. Shaw moved to Ill.

E. Margaret Shaw  /1927 m. 1867 James H. Gray [note for C., D., E. says, "probably children of second wife; so not descended from Whitsett's"]


Re: and ancestors for DAR purposes:

A William Whitsett appears as a private in Rev. War records (pp. 460 and 760 of Vol. IV, Pa. Archives, 5th series) of Westmoreland County from part of which Fayette Co. was formed in 1783.  William Whitsett, 1752/1842, buried cemetery at Perryopolis, Fayette Co. Pa.; m. Hadessah Crawford. (She was once captured by Indians, escaped and reached Donagal, where her husband found her). She is buried near Layton, Fayette Co.  They were parents of 13 children one of whom was Ralph Crawford Whitsett, 1801/1893, m. 1826 at Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co., Pa., Rachel Estep, 1807/1890.

Bason:  Jacob Bason m. 1st Margaret Sharp; 2nd Margaret McAdams.  Their children: Catherine, Hannah, Margaret, Frederick, John, and Joseph Bason, 1781/1851 who m. Barbara Foust 1790/1845.  See their descendants on page 6.

Page 5

The Whitsett Family, page 5, Miscellaneous Genealogical notes continued:

Re: Ancestry of Mrs. James Knox Polk, nee Sarah Whitsett Childress and wife of the President. 

John Whitsett m. Sarah _________ [Thompson] in Campbell Co., Va. [probably Orange Co., NC] After their two daughters were married, they moved ca1790 to Sumner Co., Tenn.  Eventually son Lawrence moved his parents to live with him in Alabama.  [went to Tennessee from Orange Co., NC]

Mary Whitsett m. Isaac Walton

Sarah Polk Walton

James Whitsett
Lawrence Whitsett

Elizabeth Whitsett m. James [Joel] Childress (they later moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn.

Sarah Whitsett Childress 1803/1891 m. 1-1-1824 James Knox Polk    /1849
Susan Childress
Anderson Childress

Re: Summers family:

Jacob Summers b. 1710 near Ober Raxbuch in the Reinish Palatinate, Germany, d. 1790 Guil. Co. m. 1751 Margaret Faust b. 1720 in same area.  This couple landed in Philadelphia 9-24-1751 from ship "Neptune" (p. 261 Rupp's 30,000 Immigrants) and settled finally in Guilford County, N. C. near where Reedy Fork Creek empties into Haw River. One of founders of Friedens Lutheran Church in 1771.

Faith Summers
Hope Summers
Peter Summers 5-16-1757/8-17-1837, Capt. in 1st N. C. Battalion; built first brick house; m. 1 Rosey ______ 1761/1789; 2. Barbara ______ 1773/1807; 3. Elizabeth Gerringer 1776/1812; 4. Phillipina ______ 1783/1822

Ludwick W. Summers (by 2nd wife; each of first three wives had three children) 8-6-1795/1-31-1871 m. Elizabeth Gerringer, relative of father's third wife.

Livinia Summers 11-12-1819/1-24-1910 m. Jacob Foust

Neracissa  1821/1918

Phillipina 1823/1909 m. Samuel Climar

Calvin 1824/1864

Mosnime 1827/1873

Peggy J. Summers 1829/after 1929 m. Peter Cobb

Peter Hopric Summers 1831/1922

Helen Summers 1834/1907 m. W. N. Wright


Re: Dr. William Heth Whitsitt: William and Ellen Menees Whitsitt mentioned on page 2 had at least one additional child:

Rev. James Whitsitt 1771/1849 m. in Tenn. 1792 Jane Cardwell Menees 1776/1840; was first pastor of Mill Creek Baptist Church.

Reuben Ewing Whitsitt 1813/1853, m. Dicey Ann McFarland b. 1818 d. May 1872

William Heth Whitsitt 1841/1911 m. 1881 Florence Wallace 1843/1923; was professor at So. Bap. Theo. Sem. for over 20 years and finally president of it; later professor at Richmond College, Richmond, Va.

William Baker Whitsitt 1883/

Mary Taylor Whitsitt 1886/ , m. H. G. Whitehead

Re: Foust: John Foust 1719/1789, original immigrant, married Anna Barbara Albright 1719/1802 buried at Stoner's Cem. near Burlington, N. C.) Nine children: Philip, John, Jacob, Christian, George, Barbara, Judith, Peter, Daniel.  See descendants of the underlined John, page 6.

Re: Holt: Michael Holt 1723/1799 m. Jean Lockhart 1745/1813.  One of their sons was Isaac Holt, 1773-1823, m. Letitia Wale Scott, 1777/1812.  Their daughter, Maria Duffy Holt, 1799/1882, m. George Foust, 1792/1861.  See Foust record.

Re: Brent: John Newton Brent B. 1796/_____ m. Nancy Settle b. 1797. Their son was the Rev. James H. Brent 1824/1860 who m. 1851 Lucinda Greer Beebe, 1830/1892.  Their daughter, Maud Beebe Brent m. 2-23-1888 George Walters Whitsett, son of Austin Whitsett.

Page 6

The Whitsett Family, page 6, re: Foust and Bason families:

John Foust 1736/1822 (see 4th item on p. 5) m. 1759 Mary _________. They had 11 children:

George Foust 1-28-1755/2-9-1836 m. 1791 Barbara Kivett 9-4-1761/6-17-1831 was one whose descendants follow (other of John Foust's children are John, Peter, Daniel, Philip, Christopher, Jacob, and 4: [?]

AA. Daniel Foust m. Mary Clapp

BB. William Foust m. Kate Clapp

CC. Kate Foust m. John Clapp

DD. Peter Foust m. Mary Rogers

EE. Henry Foust m. Rebecca Mebane

FF. John Foust m. Barbara Albright (dau. of John and Elizabeth Graves Albright)

GG. Sallie Foust m. Jeremiah Holt

HH. George Foust m. Maria Duffy Holt 1799/1882 (dau. of Isaac and Letitia Wale Scott Holt)

I. Isaac Holt Foust 1818/1864 m. Mary Jane Holt 1821/1893

II. Barbara Ann Foust 1820/__________ m. James A. Rogers

III. George Archibald Foust 1823/______ m. Barbara E. Foust

IV. Carolyn Murphy Foust 1826/______ m. Calvin E. Graves

V. Henry Moreau Foust 1828/______ m. Sallie Goldston

VI. Mary Elizabeth Foust 1830/______ m. Jesse D. Graves

VII. Thomas Carby Foust m. Mary E. Robbins

A. Julius Isaac Foust and 7 other children

VIII. Letitia Kivett Foust m. John William Whitsett

A. Minnie Whitsett m. Thomas D. Tinnin

IX. Maria Holt Foust, unm.

II. Daniel Foust m. Mary Clapp

I. Mary Louisa Foust m. Joseph Whitsett (see Austin Whitsett record)

A. William T. Whitsett m. Carrie Brewer

B. Lizzie Whitsett m. ________ Smith

C. Effie Whitsett m. _________ Joyner

JJ. Barbara Foust 1790/1845 m. Joseph Bason 1781/1851 (See Re: Bason p. 4)

I. George Bason m. Fannie Badham

II. Dr. William F. Bason

III. Henry Bason m. Mary Trollinger

IV. Joseph R. Bason m. Julia Fogleman

V. Maria Bason m. Constantine Sellers

A. Baxter Sellers

1. Carl Sellers

2. Lacy Sellers

B. Rose Sellers m. ______ Lee

C. Joseph Sellers

D. Meta Sellers m. ______ Tate

VI. Catharine Bason m. Andrew Murray

VII. Jeremiah Bason m. Celia Dickey

A. James Bason m. Frances Ray

B. Alice Bason

C. Jeremiah Bason

D. William H. Bason m. Hannah Ashe

1. William H. Bason

2. George Bason

E. Barbara Bason

F. George F. Bason

G. Joseph Bason

H. Doctor Bason

VIII. Barbara Bason

IX. Sarah Bason

X. Margaret Barbara Bason 10-9-1817/11-30-1902 m. 1833 Austin Whitsett 1808/11-28-1890 (see the Austin Whitsett Descendants beginning page 2.


Oct. 12, 1929

Mr. A. T. Whitsett,
Chapel Hill, N. C.

Dear Uncle Alfred, -
My history of the Whitsett family is drawing to a conclusion, and I hope to publish before many more months. It is hard to get all the information together.
Can you give me, or tell me where I can get a correct list of the dates of birth, and death where now dead, of the children of Austin Whitsett, your father, and my grandfather?
Also, what was name of woman Uncle Henry married? Also Uncle Jerry? Where are these two buried. Can you give their children's names, also to whom the children were married.
Help me all you can, please. Your help in past has been the best I have been able to obtain.
With regards to all the family,

Sincerely yours,

W. T. Whitsett.

Ronald N. Wall
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