More photos related to Westfall families in West Virginia and elsewhere - Page 2.  Included are photos of Saul's Run south of Lorentz, West Virginia where Cornelius and son John H. Westfall lived.
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Saul's Run near Lorentz, Upshur County, West Virginia.  This view is looking north towards Lorentz (just over the hill in the background). Our ancestors Cornelius and his son John H. Westfall were among some of the earliest settlers on Saul's Run in the area shown here.  In 1830 Peter Cutright and his wife Nancy deeded 159 acres on Saul's Run "a drain of Fink's Run," to Cornelius and John.  I have a copy of this deed in my records.

Saul's Run Road (County Road 5/1) looking south.  The small stream flows a little less than a mile from Fink Run south to where it branches into two smaller wet weather streams.  It runs near the middle of a beautiful little glade.  The Westfall's land stretched across the glade to a ridge of hills on both sides. 

I don't for certain, but the farm house on the left is probably sitting on the land that once belonged to Cornelius Westfall or his son John H. Westfall.  They lived here in the 1830's and 1840's.  During that time this was part of Lewis County.  In 1851 Upshur County was formed from parts of Lewis and other surrounding counties. 

Another view looking south across the glade along Saul's Run.  The farm in the middle of the photo is the same one as seen in the previous photo.

Me standing on a slope overlooking the same farm on Saul's Run.  The farm is located on or near land first settled by Cornelius Westfall and his son John H. Westfall and purchased by Cornelius in April 1830.

This area is picture post card perfect and an outstanding testament to the beauty of West Virginia.  I'm really proud that my roots go back to here.

Ronald N. Wall
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