A very brief history of our Baughman family who came to Wayne and Medina County, Ohio from Northampton County, Pennsylvania

Baughman Family History

Catherine Bachman married Christian Wahl in about 1803 in Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Christian Wahl is our immigrant ancestor who came to America from Germany sometime shortly after the American Revolution. Catherine was the granddaughter of the Bachman immigrant father, Jacob Bachman. The spelling of the name changed when members of the family migrated to Ohio. It is a mystery to me why the spelling changed from the rather simple Bachman to Baughman, but in Ohio it did. Another version found in the records is Bachmann.

The Bachman family came to Pennsylvania from Germany. Some of the earliest accompanied William Penn to Pennsylvania and a Mr. Bachman was Penn’s personal secretary. Penn granted to his secretary a large tract of land encompassing two townships. Most of the descendants of the original Bachman immigrants remained in eastern Pennsylvania where many are still found today.  However, a sizeable number of the third generation descendants of immigrant Jacob Bachman removed to Wayne and Medina County, Ohio.  As I mentioned above, for some reason, members of the generation who removed from Pennsylvania to Wayne and Medina County, Ohio  universally changed the spelling of their surname to Baughman. They were early settlers in Wayne County, Ohio and Baughman Township in Wayne County was named for them.

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Jacob Bachman, Sr.

 Our immigrant ancestor of the Baughman family was Jacob Bachman who was born on July 25, 1704 in Germany and died in Pennsylvania in 1788. He was buried at the Lowhill church in Lowhill township, Northampton County (what is now Lehigh County), near Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Jacob arrived at Philadelphia on the ship Edinburgh, on September 14, 1753, with his family.  His two eldest sons, Johan Jacob and Lorentz, are also listed on the ship’s passenger list. He settled in Lowhill Township, which, in those days was part of Northampton County.  Conrad Bachman, a kinsman, possibly a brother, settled in Lehigh Township, Northampton County about the same time as Jacob established himself in Lowhill.

Jacob helped to organize the Lowhill Reformed (Lutheran) church on January 27, 1769 and his name appears on the church’s constitution. 

Charles R. Roberts states in his HISTORY OF LEHIGH COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (1914) that Jacob Sr. served in the American Revolution in Captain Andrew Dapper’s company of Northampton County Militia. Since Jacob Sr. was 72 years old in 1776, I believe that this was probably Jacob, Jr. (Johan Jacob); although, militia units often consisted of able bodied men of all ages. These militia units were more or less home guard units and anyone capable of carrying a musket was welcome in their ranks.

Jacob, Sr. was married twice. His second wife was Catharine, widow of William Schmetter, of Albany Township, Berks County.  Jacob had nine children that we know of, four sons and five daughters. Most of them were probably born in Germany and were the offspring of Jacob and his first wife.

Children of Jacob Bachman, Sr.

      1. Johan Jacob Bachman, (Jacob, Jr.), born November 20, 1731 in Germany; died March 28, 1796 in Pennsylvania.
      2. Lorentz Bachman (born probably between 1733 and 1740 in Germany); he farmed a tract of 150 acres in Lynn Township; he died before 1804 since his widow Susanna died in that year. They had eight children.
      3. Nicholas Bachman (born probably between 1735 and 1740 in Germany). Nicholas is the ancestor of the majority of Bachmans who lived in Lehigh and Northampton Counties up until the twentieth century. He and his wife, Maria Magdalena had ten children. Nicholas married a second time on December 23, 1800, to Margaretha Hauptman who bore Nicholas a child after Nicholas died in 1802. Nicholas had a son Peter, (born on April 18, 1787) who removed to Ohio.
      4. Paul Bachman, was probably born in German between 1740-1745; he married Margaret Hantz. She was born August 30, 1744 and died April 12, 1791; Paul and Margaret had seven children; one son, Daniel, born in 1787, removed to Ohio.
      5. Christina Bachman
      6. Maria Bachman
      7. Elizabeth Bachman
      8. Susanna Bachman
      9. Ottilia Bachman

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Johan Jacob Bachman

Johan Jacob Bachman was born in Germany on November 20, 1731.  He came to Philadelphia at the age of 22 aboard the ship Edinburgh in 1753 along with his parents and siblings. Except for the passenger list, his name is given as Jacob in Pennsylvania records. He settled on a farm in Lowhill Township, (Lehigh County) Pennsylvania, probably not far from his father’s farm. In 1769 he donated three acres of land to the Lowhill Reformed (Lutheran) church that his father helped to organize. The congregation erected a church building and established a cemetery on the land. The original church was constructed of logs and was dedicated on September 3, 1769.  It was in the Lowhill church in 1803 that Christian Wahl married Jacob’s granddaughter, Anna Catherine Bachman. Christian and Catherine baptized several of their children in the Lowhill church. By that time, the log church had probably been replaced by a more modern building.

Jacob Jr. married Elizabeth Reichlin probably after arriving in America. Elizabeth was born June 22, 1740 and died October 21, 1800. Jacob preceded her in death by four years, dying on March 28, 1796.  I believe that it was probably Jacob, Jr. who served in Andrew Dapper’s company of Northampton County Militia during the American Revolution.

 Children of Jacob Bachman, Jr. and Elizabeth Reichlin

      1. Nicholas Bachman, born 1763 probably in Nothampton County, Pennsylvania.
      2. Jacob Bachman, born about 1765 in Lowhill township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
      3. Adam Bachman, born October 21, 1768 in Lowhill township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; died 1838 in Medina County, Ohio.
      4. John Bachman, born January 28, 1771, Lowhill township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; died December 18, 1829 probably in Pennsylvania.
      5. Lorentz Bachman, born in 1773 in Lowhill township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; died March 8, 1843 in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio
      6. Eva Elizabeth Bachman, born in 1780.

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Nicholas Bachman

Nicholas Bachman, eldest son of Jacob, Jr. was born on September 5, 1763 in Lowhill township of Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  He married Catharine Kindt probably in Northampton County in about 1784. Nicholas and Catharine were the sponsors of the baptism of Carl (Charles) Wahl, Christian and Catharine Bachman Wahl’s third child. Sponsors of a child’s baptism were usually close relatives. Nicholas died on June 16, 1832.  Nicholas and Catharine had four children that we know of.

Children of Nicholas Bachman and Catharine Kindt

      1. Anna Catharine Baughman, born in 1785; married Christian Wahl in 1803
      2. Magdalena Baughman, born in 1788 in Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; married first Jacob Feller and second, Christian Wahl in Wayne County, Ohio in 1837 in Medina County, Ohio. She died March 28, 1865 in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio.
      3. Solomon Bachman, born in 1790 in Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
      4. John Adam Baughman, born 1792, Lowhill Township, Northampton County.

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Anna Catharine Baughman

Anna Catharine Bachman/Baughman’s name is given as Catharine or Catharina in most of the records we have of her. It was not an uncommon practice for German people of that era to use their middle names almost exclusively. Catharine was born in Lowhill Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  It is likely that she met Christian Wahl through the church at Lowhill although the Wahls were associated with another church in present day Carbon County.  Catharine and Christian were married about 1803 probably in the Lowhill church since several of their children were baptized there. 

Christian and Catharine moved from Northampton County west to Carbon County, Pennsylvania sometime before the 1820 census was taken. In 1824 Christian purchased land in Wayne County, Ohio a little ways south of Wadsworth in Medina County. Catharine died in 1837. She is buried in the High Church cemetery just south of Wadsworth.  Later that same year, Christian married Magdalena Baughman Feller, Catharine’s younger sister and widow of Jacob Feller. Magadalena died on March 28, 1865, twelve years after the death of Christian. No children were born to this union.

Children of Catharine Baughman and Christian Wall

      1. John Wall, born December 24, 1804, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; died after 1880, Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio; married (1) Mary W. Baughman, daughter of Paul and Anna Barbara Baughman; Mary died about 1875 and John married (2) Catherine about 1880.
      2. Maria Magdalena Wall, born Nov. 22, 1806, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; died about 1827, Wayne Co., Ohio; married Jonathan Everhard, Aug. 15, 1826, Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio.
      3. Charles Wall, born September 14, 1808, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; died January 10, 1893, Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio; married (1) Sophia Frederick, (2) Harriet Luke.
      4. Rebecca Margaret Wall, born January 21, 1810, Pennsylvania; died about 1864, Indiana; married Curtis Brouse.
      5. Catherine Wall, born about 1811, Pennsylvania; died after 1870, Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio; married Jonathan Everhard.
      6. Isaac D. Wall, born April 18, 1813, Pennsylvania; died September 11, 1870, Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio; married Susannah Brouse.
      7. Judith Wall, born December 1814, Pennsylvania; died May 1, 1835, Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio; married Joshua Hartman.
      8. Abigail Wall, born 1817 Pennsylvania; died October 29, 1840 Wayne County, Ohio; married Joel Baughman, son of Paul and Anna Barbara Baughman and brother of Mary W. Baughman who married John Wall.
      9. Peter Wall, born February 1819, Pennsylvania; died after 1900, probably Medina Co., Ohio; married Sybella Everhard.
      10. Sarah Wall, born about 1821, Pennsylvania; died in Sharon Township, Medina Co., Ohio; married Abraham Keller.
      11. Daniel Wall, born November 3, 1823, Pennsylvania; died after 1900 Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio; married (1) Lydia Fry, (2) Sarah Neff.  

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 Baughman – Wall Line    

  1. Jacob Bachman, b. July 25, 1704 in Germany; died 1788, Lowhill Township, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; married (2) Mrs. Catharine Schmetter

  2. Johan Jacob Bachman, b. November 30, 1731, Germany; died March 28, 1796, Lowhill Township, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; married Elizabeth Reichlin (b. June 22, 1740, d. Oct. 21, 1800)

  3. Nicholas Bachman, b. September 5, 1763 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; d. June 16, 1832, Lowhill Township, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; Married Catherine Kindt.

  4.  Anna Catharine Baughman, b. 1785, Lowhill Township, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1837, Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio; married Christian Wahl (b. Nov. 27, 1779, d. Oct. 24, 1853).

  5. Charles Wall, b. September 14, 1808, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania; d. January 10, 1893, Sharon Center, Medina County, Ohio; married Sophia Frederick (b. 1808, d. Aug. 23, 1886).

  6. Reason Wall, b. May 19, 1840, Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio; d. March 29, 1911, Sharon Center, Medina Co., Ohio; married Abigail Kuder (b. Jan. 4, 1844, d. April 7, 1910).

  7. Reason Deforest Wall, b. Nov. 25, 1875, Sharon Township, Ohio; d. April 14, 1965, Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio; married Winifred Pearl Tyler (b. June 21, 1876; d. June 4, 1958).

  8. Vivian Arlie Wall, b. Nov. 11, 1921, Sharon Center, Ohio; d. March 31, 1946, Lodi, Medina Co., Ohio; married Clara Luvenia Corbett (b. Jan. 8, 1921, d. Nov. 26, 1990).

  9. Ronald Nevin Wall, married Carolyn Sue Whitsett.


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